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Trails Preservation Board

Wallace Trail Preservation Board
Wallace Township contains a unique network of trails. Some of these pathways are more than a century old and a hundred miles long. They afford residents countless opportunities for outdoor recreation and enjoyment. Trails preserve our rural atmosphere, foster physical and mental health, provide backyard neighborhood watch services, protect home values and reduce costs of municipal services. Because trails link various parts of the township and provide alternative means of transportation, they enhance our sense of community and well-being. In short, trails make Wallace township a better place to live.

The Wallace Trail Preservation Board meets on the 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Township Building.
WTPB Committee Members: 

Dorothy Kirk - Chair
   Dan Wagner - Vice Chair  
  Mary McCabe - Secretary 
Mary Wasko - Member
Trails may be used for non-motorized use only
Stay on the trail
Respect property owners and other trail users
Preserve and protect wildlife and other natural resources
Carry trash out - Do not litter
Don’t smoke or drink alcohol
Use personal electronics with headphones only
No hunting or trapping
No firearms or other weapons
No loitering
Never cut corners or cross planted fields or lawns
Keep dogs under control
Clean up after your dog or horse as a courtesy to others
Use caution and go slowly when passing fenced animals
Report unsafe conditions and suspicious activities
Never tread on soft sod
Leave gates and trails as you find them
Remember, trail use is a privilege — Be courteous