Road Department

Seasonal Reminders  from Steve Senn, Public Works Director 

– As spring planting time rolls around, residents are reminded that no trees, shrubbery, or other plantings may be placed within the right-of-way of township roads. Structures such as fences and walls, lamp posts, basketball standards, etc., must also be placed outside the road right-of-way. The road right-of-way is easily measured twenty-five feet (25') from the centerline of the paved cartway. The road right-of-way must remain free from obstructions to always maintain clear sight distance, proper stormwater drainage, and for future maintenance and possible road widening. Mailbox posts should be erected a minimum of 33 to 36 inches off the edge of the blacktop.
 – Residents contemplating repaving their driveways are reminded that Township Driveway Regulations require the gutter line to be maintained as a paved swale with a minimum depth of 4 inches and a minimum width of 24 inches or a culvert or pipe is to be installed under the driveway to provide unobstructed flow of water in swales to the stormwater inlets. Paving of the driveway right-of-way is required under the township driveway permit and is a condition for issuance of the Use & Occupancy Permit. Make sure your paving contractor is aware of the Township's Driveway Regulations.
 - Residents are reminded not to burn leaves on the road surface or to dump leaves and other debris in drainage swales.
 – Here are some important guidelines to follow to make it easier for all concerned when it comes to dealing with SNOW!
  • Make sure your mailbox is erected out of the road right-of-way and securely fastened to its post. The Township road right-of-way is 33 feet, and the plow must clear the paved area within the road right-of-way. Due to the "wings" on the plows, it requires approximately 3 feet of clearance, from the edge of the road, to completely clear the road surface. Since mailboxes tend to be very close to the paving, the weight of the plowed snow as it comes to rest off the paving can be damaging. It is the Township's policy not to replace mailboxes that are hit by the weight of the snow coming off the plow. Also, the Postmaster requests that residents please plow out their mailboxes to avoid interruption of your mail delivery.
  • Wait until the plow comes down your street before shoveling your driveway, or shove the snow along the road on the left hand side of your driveway for a distance equal to the width of your driveway entrance. That way, the plow will have a space to dump most of the snow and it won't all end up in your driveway. Also, when clearing your driveway, do not plow or shovel snow into the street after it has been plowed. After the initial plowing, it is often necessary for the plow to return to widen the path. This provides an area to plow additional snow should another storm arrive prior to a melting period.
  • Do not park your car on the roadway, especially in cul-de-sacs. The equipment operators need the total area in a cul-de-sac to maneuver the equipment. Orange stakes are placed along cul-de-sac streets as plowing markers.
  • If you are driving on the roadway and see a snowplow approaching, please SLOW DOWN and move as far to the right as possible to allow the plow to pass safely.
  • Snow and ice that cling to overhanging trees and bushes cause problems for the snowplows. Please cut back all shrubbery and limbs that extend into the streets at least six (6) inches inside the edge of the road.
  • For safety's sake, we ask your cooperation in keeping your children from sledding in the street or playing on mounds of snow created by the plows until the plows have completed their job and left the scene. The big plows make it difficult for our employees to see small children darting back and forth along the roadway. Also, please be reminded that sledding and ice-skating at the sewer plant is absolutely prohibited.

PennDOT has established a toll-free maintenance hotline @ 1-800-FIX-ROAD. This year-round customer service offers motorists an opportunity to notify the state of roadway maintenance problems such as potholes, high shoulder drop-offs and roadway washouts. The hotline is staffed Mondays through Fridays from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. After hours, on weekends and holidays, calls are recorded by a voice mail system. The calls are automatically routed to the closest PennDOT district office or county maintenance office. Call the PennDOT Pothole Hotline to report problems on the following state roads: Fairview Road, Little Conestoga Road, Marshall Road (from Creek Road to Little Conestoga Road), Creek Road (Rt. 282), Indiantown Road (from Fairview Road to Springton Road), Indian Run Road, Springton Road, and North Manor Road (Rt. 82).